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RSR Series Roots Blower

Model : RSR

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Shangu

Model Number:RSR Model - 50/80/125/150/200/300

Rated voltage:380-450V/660V/6000V/10000V

Rated power:0.75-280kW

Product name:blower


Material:cast iron/stainless steel

Recommended Products

1.All models of RSR series

RSR-50   RSR-65   RSR-80   RSR-100   RSR-125   RSR-150C   RSR-150   RSR-175A   RSR-175  RSR-200A  RSR-200H  RSR-250D   RSR-250A  RSR-250B   RSR-250E  RSR-300A  RSR-300C

2.Size of Discharge Bore


Or in customer’s indication range

3.Differential pressure scope


4.Air capacity scope


5.Power of the motor


Necessary standard accessories(common type)

Tuyere take over;entrance&exiting silencer(with air filter);flexible connector; check valve; foundation bolt; deflating valve; pressure gauge; base ;gear oil

Necessary standard accessories(nickel plating type)

Tuyere take over; entrance&exiting metal bellows; foundation bolt; pressure gauge; base ;gear oil

Selling point

1. Standard specification for each kinds of roots blower, easy to choose

2. Standard mass production, sufficient inventory, short delivery time

3. Imported screw noise shielding structure, lower noise than the same production

4. Compact structure, small volume, light weight with graceful appearance

5. Oil free, no oil pollution for transportation medium