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Published: May 17, 2016

According to reports, in the past three years, promising environmental protection machinery products mainly include: electrostatic precipitators, bag-type dust collectors, thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment, new industrial boilers, urban sewage treatment and garbage disposal equipment, etc. These products need 300 if imported. Billion yuan, the use of domestic equipment only 17.8 billion yuan, domestic environmental protection machinery is facing a rare opportunity. Experts believe that after more than ten years of development, the product structure, performance, and quality of China's environmental protection machinery industry have been significantly improved, and domestically produced environmental protection equipment has matured. Among them, electricity removal and baghouse dust removal technologies rank among the world's advanced levels; wastewater treatment can completely complete the production of process equipment and ancillary equipment, and some technical equipment has already entered the international market. Some of the noise and vibration control technologies exceed advanced levels in foreign countries, such as micropore noise suppression technology has led the international level.

In 2008, China's total output value of environmental protection machinery will reach 50 billion yuan