Shandong Mingtian Group is invited to attend to Fenasan 2023

Shandong Mingtian Machinery Group Joint Stock Co.,Ltd is invited to attend Fenasan 2023 held by Associação dos engenheiros da Sabesp SP,Brazil. Our both details as below:
Exhibitor:Shandong Mingtian Machinery Group Joint Stock Co.,Ltd
Booth NO:R22
Address:Pavilhao Branco e Verde,Expo Center Norte,San Paulo,Brazil
Date:Oct.3th to Oct.5th 2023

Although we are the first time to attend Fenasan Exhibition 2023,we are well prepared to show our corporate culture, value, products and cooperation mode to our audiences in the exhibition. Our main products include Roots Blower, roots vacuum pump, roots steam compressor, MVR Evaporator, Multiple Effect Evaporator, Zero Liquid Discharge Technology, Magnetic Bearing Turbo Blower, High-speed permanent magnetic synchronous motor,magnetic suspension bearing controllers,etc.
Our business scope include the business from USA, Canada, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East Region, South and Middle America,etc.
We warmly welcome the audiences and clients to visit our booth for cooperation.


high presssure roots blower, specification of pressure roots blower
Specification:Air Capacity Range:1.0-1257m3/min;Boost Pressure Range:9.8-198kpa
Main material:Cast Iron HT250,Cast Iron QT400, 45# Steel, Q235,etc.
Application:Wastewater Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Powder Transport, Granule transport, pulp dehydration,vacuum packaging,lime project in steel plant, FGD in power plant, cement plant,Special gas transport in chemical plant such as SO2,CO2,CH4,H2S,etc, Stainless Steel Roots Blower,VPSA project in oxygen plant,Lithium battery production line,Stretching film production line,etc.

Maglev Centrifugal Blower
Maglev magnetic levitation centrifugal blower adopts core technologies such as magnetic levitation bearing, three-dimensional flow impeller, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, high-efficiency frequency converter speed regulation, intelligent monitoring and control, etc. When starting, it levitates first and then rotates without friction or lubrication. The three-dimensional flow impeller is directly connected to the rotor, and the transmission has zero loss. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, few failures, and no lubrication system. Maglev centrifugal blowers are widely used in municipal and industrial sewage treatment, desulfurization and oxidation in power metallurgical industry, pipeline transportation of dust and granular materials, low-pressure air transportation in petrochemical industry, etc., and can be used in food industry and medicine The industry provides clean, oil-free air.

MVR Evaporation Working Principle:

The MVR evaporator uses the secondary steam generated in the evaporator to be mechanically compressed by the compressor, the pressure is increased, the heat is increased, and then the heat exchanger is condensed to fully utilize the latent heat of the steam, except for the start-up operation, the entire evaporation process, the theory There is no need for a single steam, so that the steam that was originally discarded is fully utilized, the latent heat is recovered and the thermal efficiency is improved, and the economy is equivalent to the 30 effect of multi-effect evaporation.

Processing Equipment

Multiple Effect Evaporator Working Principle:

Multi Effect evaporation is a system composed of single effect evaporation. It introduce the secondary steam generated by the previous evaporator into the next evaporator as heating steam. The boiler steam is only used in the first evaporator. The subsequent evaporation utilizes the secondary steam generated by the previous evaporator, thereby reusing energy. Each utilization is called an efficiency. The effect body that utilizes boiler steam is generally referred to as the first effect evaporator, followed by the second effect, third effect, and so on. Finally, when the temperature and pressure of the secondary steam are low and cannot be reused, a condenser is used to condense it into water.

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