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MTRG Series Roots Blower

Model : MTRG

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Shangu

Model Number:RSR Model - 50/80/125/150/200/300

Rated voltage:380-450V/660V/6000V/10000V

Rated power:0.75-280kW

Product name:blower


Material:cast iron/stainless steel

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Specification of MTRG Series Roots Blower

1.All models of MTRG series

MTRG-350   MTRG-400   MTRG-445  MTRG-450   MTRG-500  MTRG-600

2.Size of Discharge Bore

350(13.8″)、400(15.7″)、445(17.7″)、450(17.7″)、500(19.7″)、 600(24″)

Or in customer’s indication range

3.Differential pressure scope


4.Air capacity scope

159.3—452.4 m3/min

5.Power of the motor


Necessary standard accessories 

exiting silencer(with air filter);flexible connector;pressure gauge;foundation bolt/leveling bolts