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Meltblown Machine
What is Melt Blown Method?
Melt-blown method is a kind of polymer direct web forming method. It is a polymer extruder extruded by a screw extruder by using high-speed high-temperature air jet blowing or other means to make the melt fine flow extremely stretch The ultra-fine fibers are formed and then gathered on a web-forming roller or screen to form a web, which is finally reinforced by self-adhesive action to make a melt-blown fiber non-woven fabric.

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Meltblown machine composition:

(1) Screw extruder: melt the slice.

(2) Metering pump: Control the output and the fineness of the fiber to continuously transport the melt to the spinneret.

(3) Melt filter: filters impurities in the melt.

(4) Conveying net curtain: Make melt-blown fiber evenly spread on the net.

(5)Spinning box: After the fibers are ejected, the air is drawn with high-speed hot air to blow off the fibers and become ultra-fine fibers.

(6) Feeding system: composed of 3 measuring hoppers, which are used to measure white slices, masterbatch and additives.

(7) Hot air blower and heater: provide the temperature and pressure of the hot air used in the spinning air flow stretching, heated by electricity, and the power consumption is large.

(8) Coiling machine: Fully automatic coiling is adopted to melt-blown cloth into roll packaging.

Factory Manufacture:

What is Melt-blown Fabric

Meltblown fabric is a non-woven fabric made by melt blown method. It is a spinning method that uses a high-speed hot air flow to rapidly stretch, solidify, and shape a polymer melt that has just been extruded. The advantage is that the process flow is short, and the non-woven fabric can be directly produced by spinning.

The fiber diameter of the melt-blown cloth can reach 1 to 5 microns. With many voids, fluffy structure, and good fold resistance, these ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, thus making the melt-blown cloth have good filtering, shielding, heat insulation, and oil absorption .

The most important reason why the melt-blown fabric is much better than ordinary non-woven fabrics is the electret treatment. Through electret treatment, the meltblown fabric is charged with static electricity, which can effectively absorb and block viruses.

Meltblown applications include 

Surgical face masks, liquid filtration, gas filtration, cartridge filters, clean room filters, disposable gowns, drapes and sterilization wraps.


1. Temperature zone automatic control to avoid high-intensity manual operation of existing market equipment temperature jump;

2. High-performance fluid mechanics flow channel design, make the nozzle spray more uniform, improve product qualification rate;

3. Automatic slitting and winding control to reduce labor intensity and save labor cost.

4.The company has senior engineers of plastic extruders, senior engineers of plastic extrusion molds, senior engineers of fluid spray melting, automation engineers and other professional and technical personnel;

5.The company has a professional debugging technical team with 30 years of experience in Sinopec meltblown technology;

6.The company has high-end technical processing equipment and testing capabilities; the company has a wealth of engineering team operating experience, fully meeting the one-stop service needs;

7.The company cooperates with the top domestic melt blown technology colleges and universities, drawing on domestic and foreign advanced technical experience, and providing customers with the most reasonable comprehensive solutions.


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